About Me

Shawn Rana received a Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Manitoba. Since then, he has enjoyed success in numerous roles, ranging from plant manager and engineering/projects manager to President and CEO of different companies in the fertilizer industry.

A career executive and adept team manager, Shawn Rana has held high-level executive positions at such notable firms as Fortigen LLC, Iowa Fertilizer Company, Austin Powder Company, and Agrium.

Throughout his career, Rana has continually leveraged his extensive domestic and international experience in finance, operations, engineering, and building to drive success and further organizational objectives. Colleagues and corporate leaders recognize Rana as a valuable asset and go-to expert in ammonia and nitrogen fertilizer projects and plant management.

A noted entrepreneur, Rana is responsible for establishing and leading several multi-billion-dollar companies from the ground up during his career.

An Extensive Skill Set

Shawn Rana has continually demonstrated considerable talent for recruiting high achievers, running manufacturing operations, and driving on-time delivery of critical/high-priority projects spanning functional areas.

He is also a renowned subject matter expert in Green Ammonia and Green Hydrogen and has developed a method to produce the only truly Green Urea in the world.

In corporate circles, Rana is widely known for his ability to collaborate with the Board of Directors and leadership to plan and refine the corporate vision, and to protect the company’s future state in competitive markets.

Career Accomplishments

Several notable accomplishments during Shawn Rana’s career include:

Leading construction of the first global-scale, greenfield nitrogen fertilizer facility in the US in more than 25 years (a facility now recognized as one of the most innovative and efficient manufacturing plants in the nation)

Opening the door to China and sourced clients and contacts through identifying companies to acquire for packaging/blending operations

Performing financial due diligence for a $50 million purchase to help future proof APC in-market


Shawn Rana Portfolio