Shawn Rana: Engineering Education Applied in the Real World

Shawn Rana

September 15, 2021

Shawn Rana: Engineering Education Applied in the Real World

Shawn Rana is currently a leader in the world of agrichemicals and fertilizers. He currently does his work based in Canada and the USA, having come from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering. After he graduated from college, he has contributed to the field in many ways. He has been a plant manager, project manager, and now functions at the president and CEO level within the fertilizer industry. He works not only with the engineering aspects themselves but also the financial, having founded and led many companies that ended up being worth billions of dollars.

Shawn Rana is not stingy about his success, happily sharing the secrets that have led him to where he is now. He believes that there are several things that make a person successful, including knowing exactly what he or she wants and being willing to stick to that vision no matter what. He also states the importance of being there through not only the successes but the rough patches as well, rather than abandoning one’s dream just because it becomes difficult. Rana also states that the sense of accomplishment after success is a very big motivating factor.

Shawn Rana also operates his businesses with the priority of doing what is best for the environment. For example, as the president of Iowa Fertilizer Company, he played a role in protecting environmental resources using Innovative products and designs that would minimize harmful emissions, improve air quality, and increase fuel efficiency. This company, like others that Rana has headed, operated under strict controls when it came to safety and environmental regulations. Overall, the goal was to protect all the people and products involved, as well as minimize the environmental impact of these products.

Shawn Rana also uses his engineering background for other applications, such as artificial intelligence. He believes that artificial intelligence, or AI, has very important implications in fertilizer control plants. AI is playing a growing role in agriculture with the passing years. It has the ability to streamline operations, maximize productivity, and cut unnecessary costs. Rana is happy to use his 26 years of experience in the field to push this technology for the purpose of improving operations in the field. Because the fertilizer market is so unpredictable, Rana believes that AI can optimize plants and improve operations in a shorter amount of time, so that the time becomes less of a variable. AI can essentially monitor everyone and everything in the plant and deal with any issues so that human input is not necessary. Additionally, there are so many moving parts that are involved in fertilizer production plants, and if there’s a problem with one of them, it can halt production entirely. If AI is being used, it can process quite a bit of information about operation efficiency and predict what would be the best way to respond, so that the problem can be addressed before it causes a standstill.